Measuring What Matters: Verifiable Forest Monitoring

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 01.28.2019


The health of forests, people and our planet are intrinsically linked. Functioning as lungs of the earth, forests supply vital oxygen and enhance air quality. Forests also provide ecological functions such as wildlife habitat, nutrient cycling, and flood control and other environmental services.   Read the entire article at Medium Upstream.    On a global level, […]


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Tech Startups Focusing on Sea Level Rise Adaptation

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 11.12.2018


For a long time, coastal resilience was about building sea walls, elevating homes and renourishing beaches to protect people and property against storm surge. Then came satellites, the cloud and a new generation of tech entrepreneurs with bold ideas for tackling a new and urgent challenge: rapidly rising sea levels and increasingly destructive storms. By using […]


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