Climate Change Quotes

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“Whether the future is our fate, or ours to make, is currently being decided by the synergy of cumulative, collective, and continuous actions that we take. There is a planetary reaction to everything we do.”

This Spaceship Earth Houle and Rumage


Posted: 04.25.2019

There are those who ask why some people have a love for nature and others don’t. I say, find me a two-year-old who isn’t interested in a frog. The problem is that we lose that sense of wonder as we grow up.

– Sir David Attenborough


Posted: 04.24.2019

There is no silver bullet, no-one-size-fits-all solution to the issues we face. We have to individually, and collectively move from uninformed and/or disconnected passengers to engaged and conscientious crew members.

This Spaceship Earth Houle and Rumage


Posted: 04.22.2019

You can resist an invading army, but you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.

– Victor Hugo


Posted: 04.22.2019

We need to promote the cooperative model inherent in systems design. Ecological systems are cooperative models… looking at the parts of the system out of context, and in isolation, can lead one to false conclusions about future events. Spaceship Earth consciousness is about supporting the synergy of the whole.

This Spaceship Earth Houle and Rumage


Posted: 04.18.2019

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

– Socrates


Posted: 04.17.2019

“Many individuals are doing what they can. But real success can only come if there is a change in our societies, and in our economics, and in our politics.”

– Sir David Attenborough


Posted: 04.16.2019

“We are a miniscule part of Earth’s history and existence, and the human-planetary crisis is but a sliver of time in the life of our planet. The planet was in existence long before we were, and it will be here long after humanity has passed on. Humanity needs to save itself from itself.”

This Spaceship Earth Houle and Rumage


Posted: 04.15.2019

“We can’t leave everything to the free market. In fact, climate change is the greatest free market failure. This is what happens when you don’t regulate corporations, and you allow them to treat the atmosphere as an open sewer.”

– Naomi Klein


Posted: 04.12.2019

“The most important thing about Spaceship Earth… an instruction manual did not come with it.”

– R. Buckminster Fuller


Posted: 04.11.2019