Consumption of Earth’s resources

Consumption of Earth’s Resources

In 2020 humanity used the equivalent of 1.7 Earth’s worth of resources.


Due to COVID’s impact on the global economy, 2020 was the first year in 52 years when Earth Overshoot Day was pushed forward. Earth Overshoot Day for 2021 is the same date as it was in 2019 – July 29.We continue to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, we over-pump water supplies, we diminish biodiversity, we usurp habitats, and we foster a food system that wastes or loses 1/3 of the food while the number of people who are hungry continues to rise. 

This is a clear trajectory to disaster. The ONLY way to change is to redefine sustainability to 1.0 or < 1.0 Earth resources consumed per year.