“There are no passengers on spaceship earth, we are all crew” - Marshall McLuhan

Crew Consciousness - The crew of a spaceship or space station has to be efficient as energy, water, and food are in limited supply. Spaceships and space stations can be refueled and resupplied from the home planet. Spaceship Earth cannot be refueled or resupplied. There is no other planet in the foreseeable future that can resupply Planet Earth. There is no other rescue/resupply vessel, nor is there another refuge. We live on a spaceship that must resupply itself from itself. That is why we need to understand that we are crew not the passengers.


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To bring about a new, global consciousness in how we think and interact with the finite resources on this planet through education, global awareness, and empowerment of individuals, communities and companies.

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Tim Rumage interviews sea level rise expert John Englander

The New Way Humanity Must Look at C02

We are a 730 Species Living in a 1230 World

As set forth in Chapter 7 of “This Spaceship Earth” we must stop looking at levels of emissions and instead focus on resident CO2 in the atmosphere. Carbon remains in the atmosphere for decades and centuries. Before the Industrial Age the amount of resident CO2 was 730 Gigatonnes. This remained constant until the 20th century when it crossed 800 around WWII and then 830 in 1970. We have since added 400 Gigatonnes to the atmosphere.


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