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what2design is a small branding and interactive development company working pro bono with TSE. The members of the company all work from home offices in order to lighten their impact on the environment. Personal efforts within the company include using DIY built solar chargers for electronic devices and living eco-aware lifestyles.






Ringling College

of Art + Design

The academic base of ThisSpaceshipEarth.org that is contributing creative and design services.





TSE Corporate Sponsors


Corporations typically have large carbon footprints. They also are constantly seeking to improve the efficiencies of their operations. Promoting crew consciousness within the corporate entity, as well as with its employees, can result in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a significant reduction in the costs of operations.


This Spaceship Earth will work with corporations to determine the operational changes and employee behavioral changes that will maximize efficiencies and reduce unnecessary damage to our biosphere. We will not accept donations without some commitment to taking crew actions. You can click on any logo on this page and see the commitment that has been made to TSE. Every company is different so crew actions will be different.


There is no perfect and complete solution. All corporations, as with individuals, are currently existing within a fossil fuel economy that cannot be changed overnight. So we all must do what we can and do it now. We want to work with you! Make a tax deductible donation and also consider co-marketing efforts in partnership with us. We gladly allow our logo and name to be used on any positive program that promotes crew consciousness.


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