Wildfires Here Now: We Have to Adapt as We Mitigate

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 07.20.2024


NOTE: As I write this on a July weekend in Portland OR… here’s today’s headline in the New York Times: “Pacific Northwest Faces Critical Fire Risk as Wildfires Burn”. About 1.7 million people are under fire danger warnings on Sunday as a heat wave continues to bake the region and several large blazes burn in Oregon. […]


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Uncontrolled Burn

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.01.2023


John Vaillant writes in his recently published book, “Fire Weather”, about the trillions of controlled burns that happen around the globe every day. These tiny, brief fires mix air and fossil fuel to create an explosion that drives a piston up and down within a cylinder in internal combustion engines. That physical motion is harnessed […]


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