The Road Not Taken

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 03.25.2024


I ran across a music video on YouTube last night. It was produced in 1987 by an Australian band named Midnight Oil. The song (you may remember it) is “Beds Are Burning”. It resonated with me because of the recent fires in Australia. It seems eerily prescient now.   “How do we sleep while our […]


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Adaptation and Regeneration

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 03.12.2024


To support the shift from an extract/manufacture/toss linear economy to a zero carbon/methane/waste circular economy, we must support natural processes and leave more room for nature to thrive. Sustainability and reducing emissions are no longer enough. We’ve run out of time. We now need to focus on actively improving Spaceship Earth’s ecosystem via Regeneration.   […]


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