Crew Commentary

Three Times is a Catastrophe

David Houle - Futurist


It was just announced that for the third year in a row, the Earth set a temperature record. For three straight years, the hottest year on record was the one just completed. 2016 beat the all time record of 2015, which beat the all time record of 2014. This has NEVER happened before since these measurements started in the 19th century.


So once again we get real data that we are living through unprecedented warming. That is a fact. The reporting is from several agencies: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA], the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project all confirmed that their measurements of 2016 came to the same conclusion.


Every single one of these agencies pointed to the increasing amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions as the cause. So the only thing that those who assume the ostrich position relative to Climate Change (head in the sand, oblivious of what is going on) can argue is this point: that humanity’s actions have nothing to do with it. So then the question becomes, if not that, what IS causing this warming. The Earth moves in change cycles of centuries and millennia, not years. So the warming that is occurring now is not due to some planetary cycle, it is human driven.


The next fact that is truly horrifying, in terms of predictable consequences, is that of the 17 warmest years measured since 1880, 16 have happened since 2000. That is what worries this observer. As we have posted on the home page of this website, it is Resident CO2 that has triggered this warming.  Since the 1970s the amount of Resident C02 in the atmosphere has increased from 830 to 1230 gigatonnes. CO2 can stay in the atmosphere for centuries.  As the reporting of this event states, it is since the 1970s that the upward trend of ever warmer temperatures has occurred. So the timeline of Resident CO2 increase from 830 to 1230 is exactly time congruent with this warming.


Here at ThisSpaceshipEarth.Org we state that the key word relative to Climate Change is URGENCY. We are committed to increasing Crew Consciousness ASAP. These annual reports of a rapidly warming Spaceship Earth only increase this sense that now is the time to come together to act as crew to slow the warming down.


The goal has to be to return the planet to zero degree warming. To do this we must not only dramatically lower CO2 emissions, we must remove CO2 from the atmosphere. We can all take crew actions to do the former. We need technology to do the latter. Fortunately there are early stage efforts that are successfully doing this.


This article from the New York Times has some excellent graphics.  It is a call to action, crew action!  Please go to the Acting as Crew tab on this web site and immediately start to take some of the listed crew actions. Now!