Crew Commentary

Atmospheric Cleansing Technology

David Houle - Futurist


In our book “This Spaceship Earth” my co-author Tim Rumage and I write about the essential need to create technologies that can perform “atmospheric cleansing”. We state that this is the “moon shot” technology needed to return the current 1230+ gigatonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere back down to the 830 gigatonne level of 45 years ago.


When we wrote the book we knew of some early, ground-based technologies that were in fact doing this, though at the early stage level. In a recent story on our TSE.Org News Feed, we profiled a Dutch company that had invented a vacuum cleaner to remove particulates out of the air https://thisspaceshipearth.org/2016/11/worlds-first-vacuum-cleaner-filter-dirty-air/


As stated in the article:


Envinity claims that their prototype can suck in air from a 300-meter radius and about seven kilometers (4 miles) upwards. Citing tests from the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, the impressive machine can clean about 800,000 cubic meters (28,000 cubic feet) of air per hour using patented ozone-free ion technology. As a result, the vacuum can filter out 100 percent of fine particles and 95 percent of ultra-fine particles.” 


So we are beginning to see technology capable of cleaning the atmosphere at the lower levels of the atmosphere. In a crew vision of the planet there should be tens of thousands of air cleaners all around the world installed at the top of appropriate buildings. 


This effort focuses on the poor health all animals have as a result of inhaling polluted air. In fact, air pollution causes more deaths globally than all cancers combined – one death every 6 seconds!


The next step is for Silicon Valley type entrepreneurs to work on upper level atmospheric cleansing. This is a technology that could literally save civilization. What would be the wealth created by such an invention?  What is it worth to save humanity and all other species?