Climate Change and Crew Consciousness Presentations

Please consider David or Tim to speak to your conference, company or organization.


There are several topics that all fit under the umbrella of Climate Change and creating Crew Consciousness. Both of them are committed to accepting 50% of their regular fee with the other 50% being a tax deductible donation made to thisspaceshipearth.org.


David Houle

David Houle

Co-Founder of thisspaceshipearth.org

David is a co-founder of TSE.org, the co-author of “This Spaceship Earth” and a globally know futurist. He is known for coining the phrase “The Shift Age” and has co-authored books on the future of health care, education and marketing. David has always been open about how both R. Buckminster Fuller and Marshall McLuhan have affected him as a futurist. It is the vision of these two 20th century futurists that was the catalyst for the creation of thisspaceshipearth.org.


David delivers high level speeches on This Spaceship Earth to create crew consciousness. Given that he has spoken on several continents about the future of health care, education, technology and marketing, he has developed TSE presentations that focus on how all four of these areas are and will be affected by Climate Change and how crew consciousness will fundamentally affect these and other market sectors. David addresses both what will happen relative to Climate Change and the vast opportunities that exist to slow it down. If you are looking for a high level keynote address or a headline event speaker, David is that speaker.


If you might like to book David, please inquire as early as possible as he has global bookings months in advance.


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Tim Rumage

Tim Rumage

Co-Founder of thisspaceshipearth.org

Tim is the Co-Founder of thisspaceshipearth.org and the Head of Environmental Studies at the Ringling College of Art + Design. Tim is the Chief Science Officer of thisspaceshipearth.org and is constantly educating all of us about the interconnectedness of Spaceship Earth. Tim is globally know as an expert on the environment and Climate Change. He has delivered numerous presentations to environmental groups in the U.S. and Europe. If you are looking for an academic oriented speaker who can explain the whys of Climate Change and what can and needs to be done, Tim is your speaker.


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Primary website: planetaryethicist.com




Speaking Videos


This Spaceship Earth keynote presentation by Futurist David Houle


TSE presentation for Ringling College Faculty and Students


Planetary Ethicist Tim Rumage on Earth Overshoot Day


David Houle Tedx Talk at New College in Sarasota, FL