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Increase In ‘Sunny Day’ Flooding

Posted: 10.17.2016 no comments


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sunny-day-flooding1“Global warming and rising seas are increasing the amount of tidal flooding on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Flood levels are different from city to city, but the trends are similar.


Boston: The city has not been hit by tidal flooding as hard as cities farther south, but it is working on a plan to combat flooding and sea-level rise.


The Battery, New York City: In 2012, Hurricane Sandy laid bare the city’s vulnerability to storm surges and tidal flooding. The city is spending some $20 billion on a resilience plan.


Atlantic City: The Jersey Shore was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy, and fierce fights have erupted about how to rebuild.


Annapolis, Md: High tides now regularly flood the old City Dock, the heart of downtown. A statue commemorating the historic television series “Roots” is sometimes under water.”


Read the full article on http://www.nytimes.com