U.S. preterm births tied to air pollution cost $4 billion a year

tsedevino 07.07.2016


U.S. premature births linked to air pollution cost more than $4 billion a year in medical care and lost economic opportunity, a new analysis estimates.


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Pigeons Help with Air Pollution

tsedevino 04.05.2016


“Backpack-wearing pigeons playing a big part in tackling London air pollution problem. A team of 10 birds, otherwise known as Pigeon Air Patrol, carries pollution sensors and GPS devices to help study areas of the city with high levels of nitrogen dioxide. Those who want to check out the pollution levels in their area can even tweet @PigeonAir to receive a report.”


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UK Pollution Linked to 40,000 Deaths a Year

tsedevino 02.29.2016


“There is now good awareness of the risks from badly maintained gas appliances, radioactive radon gas and second-hand tobacco smoke, but indoors we can also be exposed to NO2 [nitrogen dioxide] from gas cooking and solvents that slowly seep from plastics, paints and furnishings.

“The lemon-and-pine scents that we use to make our homes smell fresh can react chemically to generate air pollutants, and ozone-based air fresheners can also cause indoor air pollution.”


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